Talkin’ Broadway

Got a great writeup on the blog Talkin’ Broadway recently…a very thorough and complimentary review at that!

“There are many theatrical gems in our fair city. Just to name a few, Beach Blanket Babylon, Lamplighters, Champaign White and Foodies the Musical have graced our city by the bay. I would add just one more to the list: The Barbary Coast Revue, now in its third year and now playing at the Balançoire Club in the heart of the Mission District.”

Holy Cow! Thanks Richard Connema and Talkin’ Broadway!

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That’s amazing, a blog that’s a) 19 years old!! and b) is out there spreading the good word of theatre! These folks are INTO THEATRE, so it’s a great feeling to be reviewed (and positively, to boot!) by Talkin’ Broadway. After you have a look at The Barbary Coast Revue review, go to the home page, click on Regional and see what other great pieces of theatrical art are going on in your City!

Enjoy and see you at The Barbary Coast Revue! Every Thursday night at Balançoire in The Mission!

Talkin’ Broadway