It Was Bad-Ass!

The Barbary Coast Revue creator, Blake Wiers, has been thinking about The Barbary Coast Revue for a long time. There was the lightbulb, that moment when the idea burst into his head. Then the writing, the rewriting, the bouncing off of people, the wondering “Can I do this?”

Now here we are, Season Three (!) of The Barbary Coast Revue and Yes, Blake…you could and DID DO IT! Each step was a step into the unknown, taking this dream and the actors that wanted to be part of it with you. Danny & Evan  (Mark Twain & Shanghai Kelley) have been here since the beginning, they saw the potential.

Opening Night for The Barbary Coast Revue Season Three at Balançoire

After the show Opening Night, which found us in a great new venue – Balançoire Restaurant and Club – Blake Wiers made notes from the show and at the end he wrote “…all told, it was bad-ass!”

Yes, it is! Thanks to everyone past and present, that helped us get to Season Three!

If you were there Opening Night, thank you! Tell your friends!


It Was Bad-Ass!