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Step Right Up, Folks and Behold…

The Barbary Coast Revue SEASON THREE! Never before has mankind witnessed such success, such talent, such entertainment – all under one roof! And with this new season…DINNER! That’s right, folks! Dinner and a show! Step right up to Balançoire... read more

You Have Been Warned!!

America’s funniest storyteller delights with a riotous musical comedy sing along at THE BARBARY COAST REVUE, now running longer than his original Gold Rush stay in The City. Set to parodies of Bay Area hits from the ’80s to now, THE BARBARY COAST REVUE is... read more

The Barbary Coast Revue’s New Venue!

We had a great run at SUB/Mission and are ever grateful to them for having us but it’s time for a bigger venue! We are excited to be opening Season Three of The Barbary Coast Revue at Balançoire Restaurant and Club, located at 2565 Mission Street (between 21st... read more

What’s a Slummer, anyway??

If you’ve donated to our GoFundMe campaign (you haven’t?!? go donate now!) and watched Mark Twain’s new music video, you heard him refer to viewers as Slummers. What the heck is a slummer, anyway? As you may know, the Barbary Coast was a den of vice... read more

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“Great, local-themed music, an awesome cast, a very alternative space and great energy throughout.”

– PJW via Goldstar